Friday, November 25, 2016

Watch Receiver:
A watch receiver is a receiver dedicated to guarding a distress frequency. A high seas watch receiver is usually quiet. It will un-squelch when a distress signal of the proper format is received. It will not respond to ordinary calls to establish communication. The frequency is 2.182MHz, the international distress and calling frequency. A marine V.H.F. watch receiver is dedicated to guarding channel 13 (156.650MHz) for safety (security) broadcasts. It is especially useful for vessels running coast wise or in harbors. Some channel 13 receivers include a transmitter so that a safety situation can be transmitted to other stations in the vicinity.

Intech Mariner 1511

Manufactured by: Intech
Model: Mariner 1511
Date of Mfg: 5-81
Capacity: 12 Channels Crystal

Check out more on Watch Receiving Regulations in the link down below:

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