Friday, November 11, 2016

Bearing Circle:

The bearing circle is not a piece of electronic equipment. It includes an aperture, sight wire, and a mirror. The bearing circle is laid on the wing repeater and rotates easily. A buoy or landmark is sighted through the bearing circle and the bearing scale is seen in the mirror. Since the wing repeater is driven from the gyro compass, the bearing seen is the true bearing for the vessel. On a chart, the reciprocal (differing by 180 degrees) bearing from two or more of the buoys or land marks can be drawn; own vessel is at the intersection of the lines. “Bearing” is a term used in navigation to refer the direction or course of motion itself, the direction of a distant object relative to the current course (or the "change" in course that would be needed to get to that distant object), or the angle away from North of a distant point as observed at the current point. In Navigation, Absolute bearing refers to the angle between the magnetic North (magnetic bearing) or true North (true bearing) and an object. For example, an object to the East would have an absolute bearing of 90 degrees. Relative bearing refers to the angle between the craft's forward direction, and the location of another object. For example, an object relative bearing of 0 degrees would be dead ahead; an object relative bearing 180 degrees would be behind. Bearings can be measured in mils or degrees.

The Eastern Specialty Company – Mark 1 Model 2

Manufactured by: The Eastern Specialty Company
Model: Mark 1 Model 2

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